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  Gran Maestro Chang Tung-Sheng
(the history Flying Butterfly)

Great master Chang Dong-Sheng, was born in 1908, in the Chinese lunar year of the monkey, in the province of Hebei, the northeast of China, over a long time span known for its great martial artists produced them. In the province of Hebei, the Bao-Ding Kuai-Jiao was the prevailing system. Of all the coming from masters from this region in last the 2000 years, one of the pre-eminent ones is the legendary great main Dong-Sheng the Chang, largest perhaps combatant in last the 300 years respective of the style and sure the most tested it is tried in this century.
Great master Chang Dong-Sheng began its training of kung-fu Wushu in 1915 when he had only 7 years. He learned first of base from the father and the grandfather, but later, teaching its was famous master Zhang Fong-Yen that famous as was credited expert of the style Bao-Ding Kuai-Jiao, fastest and powerful of the four branches of this ancient Art. Zhang Fong-Yen born 1875, was the better disciple than Ping Jing-Yin born 1830, than, like great master Zhang legend was one opportunely. The first one of the great masters to compile the techniques of the ancient Shuai-Chiao (pronounced Shuai-Jiao) for the publication, was the general Ma, that he was an other prestigious student of Ping Jing-Yin.
Great master Chang (faith Muslem Muslim), always has supported that master Zhang Fong-Yen was the better master than those times for its style, and tries of this, all the promised young people wanted to study from he. Of all those that were introduced in front of he, many little were chosen. Great master Chang was not only one of the little but he came already declared a master only 17 years. It was the best favorite student of master Zhang Fong-Yen and married the second daughter of its master. I privilege that it came only given to the better student to the those times.
When Chang had 20 years, He leave the region of Hebei in order to move itself in the Institute Centers them of Kuoshu to Nanking, the best one in China, in order to learn all the more important styles than Kung-Fu Wushu. The admission in this Institute was an honor, and exposed to the students to the intercrossed selections more hard than whichever other place of China. However to great master Chang, after 5 years of training with the best students than all China, enunciated in head to the program and moreover became teaching of the department of Shuai-Jiao having acquired the styles of Hsing-Yi, Lo-Hang, Tai-Chi, Pa-Kua, and many elements of Shaolin beyond to the rest. To a sure point, it went to defy the national champion of Mongolia of Kuli name, in theirs meeting traditional to Chiang-Chia-Kua, the mongolian to the those times were strongest on the Chinese fight. Therefore making, it had to fight with high a gigantic man nearly two meters and from the weight of beyond 150kg. It chose to use only technical of projections and, in spite of the ransom difference, it still avoided dozens of attacks of the mongols throwing to earth still and stil, with a variety of techniques wonderfully executed.
In 1933, to 25 years, great master Chang participated to 5 the National Tournament of elimination of Kuoshu to Nanking that included 300 participants, included the masters of the best styles than all China. In this Tournament he fought himself for the supremacy of the style from combat, great master Chang gained all its combats enclosed that one with its directed one avails again, Liu Chiou-Sheng, and emerged like champion of the maximum weights, in this occasion earned the nickname of (the flying Butterfly).

Meaningfully, this was the last tournament of this type, where masters train to you in the old way faced themselves in order to determine the best one between they. This meeting national was considered the stricter test for the ability, the force and the quality of the combatant and the winner were considered unquestionable the champion of China. These tournament, after that one in issue, more were not held leaving great master Chang the last true combatant opened to defy anyone, of every style or arrange. During the second world war, great master Chang trained military special units, having had the degree of General. A its history of this period is therefore rich of events that a book would be necessary in order to tell it. Only an aspect of its multiple experiences: it faced all the experts of Judo of the prisoner-of-war field of Kuang-Si. Beyond a thousand of prisoners they were interns to you and they were become accustomed to train in the Judo all the day.
After to have defied and battered their Chinese guards, they were confronts to you with great master Chang who you feel approximately this thing while it taught to Kue-Lin, the understood one them of the province of Kuang-Si.  Grand master Chang fought with everyone of they to turn, included three champions of high rank: Hakayama Taido, Hisa Kuma and Hichi Masao, and defeated everyone of they.
In 1948 it made part to the "7 National Sport Union" the meeting of the national athletes was held to Shangai. With the exception of the tournament before the war when hundreds of masters were still while still alive, the tournament more was not opened to every style, was not admitted styles of Kuoshu before mentioned. In conjunction with the great changes, She had taken an other road known, also with the modern name in Sanshou, while the Shuai-Jiao had one independent contest.
The participants came from 32 province, 12 special municipal cities, 9 Chinese teams and 58 military units, great master Chang then 40 years old, represented the army, and won easy demonstrating after 15 years, of being still the number one.
This tournament had an enormous importance in the history of the Shuai-Jiao and the Chinese martial art, in fact the two more strong then existing schools from combat were confronted. One was guided from famous master Zhou Shi-Bi, one of teaching of Kuoshu to the Shangai Ching Woo Athletic Association, and other from great master Chang Dong-Sheng who represented the University of Nanking. In that occasion great master Chang won obtaining from its friend and avails again Zhou Shi-Bi the nickname of "Iron Butterfly" beyond that "the King of Shuai-Jiao of China".
During the Japanese occupation in China, the Communists and the army Nationalist had stipulated a truce of their long civil war, joined in forces in order to expel the Japanese invaders. Chang Dong-Sheng entered in the army like secret agent of the government, and made part of a group of parachutists of called onslaught "Hong Chiang" that she wants to say the "Red Wall". At the begining like normal soldier, to fine of became the commander in head.
After the defeat of Japan in 1945, in China they resumed the civil war and in 1948, Mao Tse Tung with the communist army, taken the control of the continent. The Nationalist Chiang Kai-Shek with to others, comprised master Chang Dong-Sheng, moved itself to Taiwan. In that year the R.O.C was founded. "Republic of China". In the first two years to Taiwan, master Chang lived to Chia-Yi in the southern part, later moved itself to Taipei where the government offered one house to he. The government of Taiwan in order protect its secret agent, that he had operated in the army like parachutist, made to turn out that Chang Tung-Sheng was assistant manager of a hospital be them of the army. Probably for fear of being to follow from an eventual communist invasion to Taiwan.
Subsequently to Taipei, Chang Dong-Sheng had of the influential friends, one was teaching of name Huang Jie, that he was the first governor of Taiwan, the other was Bay Chung Xi that was minister of the defense, also Muslim he. They introduced Chang Tung-Sheng to the University Center them of Police and asked he the honor to enter some to make some leave. Having gained two national tournament and lot of times are confronted, great master Chang went to teach to the University Center them of Police of Taoyuan, in the province of Taipei for 30 years.
During this time it was the official in head for all, and judge of the national tournament of Taiwan. It taught to Shuai-Jiao to the army Transactions Inner School, to the National University of Taiwan, the Sher From University, the Zheng Zhi University and other schools of police, beyond the educational system. Under its guide, the best University students exited who, in future, became instructors. In spite of many styles they came from Taiwan the Shuai-Jiao counts beyond 30.000 members, than of it they make the organization of Chinese Martial Arts larger of the world.
In April them of 1975, great master Chang then 68 years old, was sended in Morocco for giving to a test of the Chinese art to the King (its faith was the Islam). During its visit, an instructor of Taek-Wan-Do of 4 dan in service for the King head of the guards of the body, defied Chang Dong-Sheng that he accepted. The match he lasted little second ones in which great master Chang put space the attack of the Korean sending it to earth lacking in acquaintance with a slap! (he is believed next to the Diao-lou technique).
Obviously the years had not diminished the acquired force in a training of a century before, made from masters whose Art is only of little old men. The King remained impressed from his simply and power, and churches to great master Chang to remain in Morocco head of its guards of the body. He did not accept, because its place was China, the King Hassan II thanks and gave to him a classic traditional kife curved dagger of ivory, gold, rubies and emeralds.
In june of 1986, to the age of 78 years, the world of the martial art was anhappy from its dead. Previously, to great master Chang it ihad been diagnosed a cancer of the esophagus, and that year its evil he will get worse without warning.
How much great master Chang was respected, to pay one's respect to him and held from the Chinese martial community, he is incalculable. It was regarded like a National treasure for the Republic of China and was the single Master to have had the belt red-white -blue, the National colors of Taiwan. The belt was buried with he and never more it was not conquered.
Until the wisdom and the bore of men to train as great master Chang did not exist more, the 10 dan in the Shuai-Jiao he was withdrawn after its dead , also because it would not have been never more conquered. Some say that 60% of the acquaintance of Kung-Fu Wushu of the first years of according to millenium, went in the tomb with He.
Perhaps, in all the history of the Chinese Martial Art, nobody remained totally unbeatable in order very beyond average century, sure not if they would have accepted all the challenges, as instead he had made. Moreover, he was not one of the many, but, ill-fatedly for all we, great master Chang Dong-Sheng was one of that we would not see more
Perhaps, in all the history of the Chinese Martial Art, nobody remained totally unbeatable in order very beyond average century, sure not if they would have accepted all the challenges, as instead he had made. Moreover, he was not one of the many, but, ill-fatedly for all we, great master Chang Dong-Sheng was one of that we would not see more.
Nobody except the students of great master Chang can say, between the affirmations to the days ours, than theirs teaching it defeated all teaching of other styles in a period of the history in which, the decisive factor for the win was to distance the adversary .                                          



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